International Internet Marketing & Domaining Conference - Punta del Este 2011

This is a unique opportunity to participate in a global interest domaining event with first level international attendees.

After two years of consecutive success, a strong growth of Spanish-speaking market through huge investments in domain names and the expansion of ours ccTLD's, we are waiting for you in the 3rd edition of the most famous domain conference's in the Spanish-speaking world to do more and better business within a very comfortable and suitable environment.

Just as in the previous edition, in a comfortable atmosphere and in a room for 200 people properly identified and related to the sector, we will develop a non-profit event, which includes domainers, webmainers and Internet investors to give us a chance to make new businesses, improve the performance of our activities, do networking and get up to date in all market areas.

Main objectives of the conference

  • Discuss about the domainer market direction.
  • Learn about web development and professional SEO.
  • Do networking and strengthen personal and business links.
  • Know and use the trend of investments in Internet.
  • Enjoy the best known and preferred international resort in South America: Punta del Este.

  • The organization's commitment to work constantly to ensure the overall success of event and the generous contributor profile, characteristic of the domains Demene forum organizers, ensures a unique blend of business, networking and relax, very difficult to describe with words.

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    Punta 2011

    "The most daring Domainer event in history"

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